By Lisa Meyers McClintick

 When it comes to pleasing furry, four-legged travelers, few destinations rank as highly as Grand Marais and its surrounding North Shore towns, with their cobblestone beaches, Lake Superior to wade into, hiking paths and waterfalls to explore, cafes with dog-friendly patios, and many welcoming resorts.

“There’s a difference between places that accept dogs and places that welcome dogs,” says Kelly Lessard, who writes travel features from the perspective of her dog, Kramer, at Minnesota-based SidewalkDog.com. “Grand Marais is probably at the top of my list as a dog destination.”

North Shore accommodations, such as Lutsen Resort’s Sea Villas, East Bay Suites and Bluefin Bay, offer condos, cabins and other pet-friendly units that mean travelers with pets don’t have to rough it to bring their whole family on vacation.


Travelers can search specifically for pet-friendly lodging on the Places to Stay page, which lists more than 850 places statewide that allow pets in rooms. You don’t have to stay in remote towns, either: More than 100 hotels within 25 miles of St. Paul welcome pets. Best Western, La Quinta, Westin, many AmericInns and Hiltons, and extended-stay hotels rank among the pet-friendly options in the Twin Cities and elsewhere in the state.

For day trips near the Twin Cities or quick getaways, Lessard also ranks Stillwater, Red Wing and Excelsior as pet-friendly places rich in waterfront trails, inviting downtowns and outdoor dining.


The Twin Cities have earned national kudos for their quantity and quality of parks, trails and greenways, and areas such as St. Paul’s Grand Avenue and Minneapolis’s Longfellow and Nokomis neighborhoods offer unique boutiques and cafes that put out water bowls and welcome pets for outdoor dining May through October.

Many restaurants open their patios to guests with dogs, but Stanley’s Northeast Bar Room in Minneapolis goes above and beyond for folks who want drink beer and dine with their dogs, offering a dedicated menu that features bones, meatloaf, an egg-and-rice bowl, and ice cream for dessert.

Ali Jarvis, founder and CEO of SidewalkDog.com, says the Twin Cities have more than 200 dog-friendly restaurants, along with breweries, vineyards and coffeehouses, and the website can also help travelers find dog parks, hiking trails and places to go for day trips and vacations.

“Minnesota’s consistently on the top 10 list of pet-friendly places in the country,” she says.

Check exploreminnesota.com/petfriendly for lodging and campgrounds open to pets, along with other resources.

10 Pet Travel Tips

  • Always verify a reservation with a pet and ask about all the rules long before check-in. Some places have restrictions based on breed and weight, and pet fees can vary.
  • Only travel with well-trained pets. If you have a dog that barks every time a door opens or a critter is spotted outside, a boarding facility or pet-sitter would be a better option.
  • Take a folding kennel or traveling crate to keep your pet contained. Some property owners may allow a quiet and crated pet to be left in a unit unattended during the day.
  • Keep your pet’s license and ID information on his or her collar at all times in case your pet bolts and gets lost. Keep a leash on at all times.
  • Use caution in the outdoors. Even dogs that are good swimmers may find that unfamiliar river currents are stronger than expected or may lose their footing on steep trails. Keep a pet first aid kit in your vehicle.
  • Make sure pets are vaccinated for Lyme disease, heartworm and other illnesses that can be spread through ticks and mosquitoes that thrive in the forest.
  • Pack essentials, including a pet bed or blanket, a brush for pets who may pick up burrs in the tall grass, a bucket and grubby towel for washing and drying sandy or muddy feet, and water and food dishes.
  • Pack enough food for the whole vacation. Introducing your pet to an unfamiliar brand—and risking digestive upset—isn’t worth it. Take a stash of small treats to reward your pet for good behavior.
  • Check outdoors stores for products such as soft-sided, easy-to-pack water bowls or bottles, backpacks for dogs and toys like tennis ball launchers to make the trip more fun.

Clean up after your pet and take plenty of poop bags.


WELCOME to Adopt Me! Dog Rescue

Adopt Me! Dog Rescue is a non-profit 501c3 organization dedicated to rescuing stray, abandoned and surrendered dogs of all breeds, vetting them, training them and then finding them suitable forever homes. We are a small group and intend on staying that way, our goal is to use our resources on training and vetting the dogs, so when adopting a dog from Adopt Me! you will know that the training has been started vetting is thorough and they will adjust easier to a new home.

home1                              home2

Adopt Me! Dog Rescue is a foster based rescue so we can only take in animals as room is available. We are a no kill rescue, we work on training issues and do everything possible to find quality homes for the dogs, we will not, however, place a dangerous dog back out into the public.

None of our adoptable dogs are kept in kennels; they are all fostered in our homes and live with our own personal pets and families. All pets are vetted, altered, they are house trained or have started their training, they are socialized, started on obedience training and have begun the spoiling aspect of family life!!

Many of our animals come from local impound facilities where they would have been euthanized if we had not rescued them. This is their chance at a new home; they are great dogs whose only flaw was their color, size, location or lack of training.


Adopt Me! Dog Rescue does its best to assure all animals are healthy prior to going to their new homes. However, there is no guarantee when adopting an animal, there are things that veterinarians miss. We recommend re-worming along with an exam by your regular vet within 5 days of the adoption. Medical needs may come up at the new owner’s expense; it is part of being a pet parent. Many of these dogs came from very poor situations; their lives depend on us and their new owners.

Adopt Me! Dog Rescue spays or neuters all dogs before adoption; they are also vaccinated for Parvo/Distemper, wormed, heartworm tested and microchipped.

Donations can be made using the PayPal button or mailing to Adopt Me! Dog Rescue  PO Box 1750  Minnetonka MN  55345.  THIS IS ONLY A MAILING ADDRESS! Thank you very much!!!

Adopting a friend…

To adopt a dog, fill out an application and email it to us at skbergeson@gmail.com  Then we will contact you back and set up a time for you to come and meet the friend you are interested in. (We do ask for references and you must have landlord approval). If we feel it is a good match we will then schedule a home visit and then complete the adoption.

WE DO HAVE THE RIGHT TO REFUSE ANY ADOPTION, as we live with these animals and know their needs better than anyone else at this time.

Adoption fees vary per animal, we do not negotiate fees, they barely cover the vetting costs. Our goal is a forever home for each animal in our program.

Surrendering a Pet…

ADOPT ME! Dog Rescue does take in owner surrender dogs. Please remember we are a small group and do not always have foster space available. For information on surrendering a dog please call 612-419-2075.

We will not take in dogs that have shown any aggression towards humans or other dogs. Since the dogs live in a foster home we can not risk injury to our foster parents or the other dogs in the foster home.

Unfortunately, we do not take cats or kittens. We recommend advertising your cats and try to find homes for them on your own.  We are strictly a dog rescue.

Until there are none, rescue one. 



We have several dogs in desperate need of a
Foster Home!
Some are “special needs” dogs
IF you are willing to open your heart and home –
We pay for all expenses and provide food.
You provide the LOVE!
Questions or for more information call:
Shellie 952-334-1939 or Sue 612-419-2075



had a fun time attending the

“No Kill Walk for the Animals”

on May 5, 2012

Thanks to our wonderful volunteers and supporters
we were able to raise an amazing amount in pledges
that will be put to good use in caring for our dogs!
It was a great turnout and we had a lot of folks
stop and chat with us about rescue and adoptions.
Looking forward to next year!


“Adopt Me! Dog Rescue” is looking for those “SPECIAL SOMEONES” who are willing to provide a temporary FOSTER HOME for homeless furry kids.  We have several dogs that are need of a foster home now and we would like to save more dogs, but need foster homes to put them into.
If you can help please email or call!


What a GREAT day for Adopt Me! Dog Rescue!!!

A local company in Burnsville MN, ChartHouse Learning Corp (the home of the FISH! Philosophy) donated $502.00 to us.  Every year the company chooses a non-profit place to donate to and this year they chose Adopt Me! Dog Rescue.  The 16 employees had a silent auction where everyone brought in items from their homes to donate and others placed bids on items of their interest.  They then gave 100% of the money raised to us for our dog rescue needs.

If you’re looking for a good cause regarding donations, please remember us.  Maybe you could top the donation we received today!!


We are thrilled to announce that the book


is ready to buy!

This 68-page photo book showcases beloved dogs who were rescued & adopted by dog lovers in the Twin Cities metro area.  The proceeds of this book (after costs) benefited the hard working rescues in & around the Twin Cities.

Soft Cover Book: $36.19   |   Hard Cover Book: 51.19


Buy the book online: (CLICK HERE)


“Rescue dogs aren’t broken, they’ve simply experienced more life than other animals.  If they were human, we’d call them wise.  They would be the one’s with tales to tell and stories to write, the ones dealt a bad hand who responded with courage.  Don’t pity them.
Do something!  Help to rescue.  Donate.  Volunteer.  Foster.  Adopt.
And be proud to have their greatness by your side.”NKWFTA Pledge Form 2015

2 responses »

  1. Thank you for your post. Is there a specific dog you’re interested in? Please call (612-419-2075) or email (skbergeson@gmail.com) Sue Bergeson. She can help you find the perfect dog!!

  2. We are pet and animal lover since we were kids. My husband even worked at Como Zoo from 1974 to 1976 when he was transferred to the parks department because they
    had to make more jobs available to add women to the staff. He really loved that job. I
    grew up going to the farm once a month with my parents and brother every fourth
    weekend of the year. My time spent there was priceless. We have had pets our whole
    married life. we had a collie named Baron who lived to 14 when his hips went out and
    could not walk anymore. 5 cats living between 15 to 20 years old. We just lots our dear
    sweet Pekingese named Sumo. 4 weeks ago to bone cancer. He had X-rays and the vet
    said he had no signs that the cancer had spread so we tried to save him by having his
    back left leg amputed but after a brief he started to eat again but then took a turn for the worst and we had to have him put to sleep. We are so broken hearted and we are
    ready to give a new puppy/young small dog a wonderful life. We are retired and live in
    Northwest Wi. between siren and Webster. We are 80 miles from mpls/St.paul and 60
    miles from Duluth MN. We live in a very nice mobile home park for 55 yrs and older.
    No cars or highways just peaceful surrounds. We never leave our dog home alone.
    we are the perfect family.


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