Adopt Me! Dog Rescue

Sue, Shellie and Kristi have a lot of experience with volunteering to help dogs for local rescues.  They all love dogs and know there is great number of them in need.  So with the generous effort, time and donations of many loyal supporters they founded ADOPT ME! DOG RESCUE.

All three women have been dog lovers their whole lives and so decided to take their passion and help.

Sue has 2 dogs, Max and Mollie.

She failed at fostering Patches and he has happily settled in as part of the family.

Shellie has Raven, Romeo and Brutus. (and many fosters that come and go!)

Kristi has rescued many, many dogs over her lifetime and most recently rescued a beautiful senior Irish Setter, Jake.  He is her constant companion and goes to work with her every day!

They will tell you rescue is tough but gratifying!!!  There is no way they could have even thought about doing this without the HUGE support and generosity of so many other dog lovers who have selflessly stepped up and pitched in to help in numerous ways!

We would not be able to keep this website going without Loretta’s daily devotion!  Much gratitude to her for her ongoing efforts!


Adopt Me! Dog Rescue is a 501(c)(3), non-profit, foster based organization committed to the rescue, rehabilitation and permanent placement of displaced canines. Adopt Me! Dog Rescue volunteers work to educate the public through community outreach programs. We are dedicated to ensuring a bright future for dogs in need regardless of age, breed or (dis)abilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do the dogs come from? Adopt Me! Dog Rescue canines come from shelters with a high euthanasia rate, as well as dogs surrendered by owners who are no longer able to care for them.

What types of dogs do you rescue? Adopt Me! Dog Rescue is committed to helping canines regardless of age, breed or (dis)ability. For the safety our volunteers, we can not accept dogs into our program who clearly show aggressive behavior toward humans.

Where do the dogs live? All of the animals in Adopt Me! Dog Rescue’s program reside in foster homes until they are adopted. We believe that dogs living in a peaceful, family environment where their unique behaviors and personalities can be noticed, monitored and supported is the healthiest choice.

What is a “no-kill” rescue? Adopt Me! Dog Rescue does not impose a time limit for adoption on any canine surrendered into our program. A rescued dog will not be euthanized, this is the defining characteristic of a no-kill rescue. We provide foster care for all of the dogs we take in until they find their forever homes. Dogs who come to us with terminal illness or grave injury receive medical care and are evaluated case by case under the advice of a veterinarian.

Can I adopt a dog if I live outside of Minnesota? It is the policy of Adopt Me! Dog Rescue that prospective adoptive families must live close enough to an Adopt Me! Dog Rescue volunteer for home visits to be carried out. For this reason, we only adopt out dogs to families who live in Minnesota and some portions of western Wisconsin. Thank you for your understanding.


“He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are his life, his love, his leader. He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart. You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion.” – Unknown

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