If you are ready, willing, and prepared to bring a rescued dog into your home, then it is time to begin the adoption process.

Adopt Me! Dog Rescue does not have a physical location and the dogs are not available to be viewed by the public until the adoption process has been started and we feel you are a good candidate for the dog you are applying for. Our intentions aren’t to make the process difficult, but our foremost thoughts are for the dogs. The public is welcomed to meet our dogs at our ‘meet and greet’ events and public appearances.

When you have selected the dog(s) you know that you are interested in, the first step is to fill out the adoption application. Once we receive your application an volunteer will be in touch with you within 48 hours.

The second step is for a volunteer to conduct a home visit. A home visit helps us get to know you and your situation better. At the home visit our volunteer will talk to you more about the dog and the adoption, help you see the areas in your home that may need to be addressed to keep you pet safe and contained, and will answer any questions that you may have. The volunteer will bring the dog along to the home visit. This allows us to see how the dog interacts in your home and it also gives you a chance to spend some time with the dog you are interested in and see if this is really who you want to be a new addition to your family.

If all goes well and your home and the dog are a good match, then your application will be approved. Upon approval, the third step is to sign the adoption contract.

Once the adoption is complete, Adopt Me! Dog Rescue will stay in contact with the adoptive home. We conduct follow ups and stay in contact to help with questions, training, and to help our adoptive homes in any way that we can. By this time we’ve not only found an excellent home for our dog but made a new dog loving friend as well. At Adopt Me! Dog Rescue we take our adoptions personally and work to ensure an open and honest relationship with our adopters.

While the process may seems like a lot of steps and hard work (and it is) we do this because we love these dogs and it is our commitment both to them and to the prospective homes to make sure that each and every placement we make is a good one, and one that will last for the rest of the dogs lifetime.

Adopt Me! Dog Rescue reserves the right to refuse any adoption if we feel that the match will not be the best possible fit for both the dog and the adopting family.

Adoption Application

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