Prince is a 7 year old Pomeranian who has had a tough life until he came into rescue.  He has now adjusted well to love and comfort.  He gets more and more comfortable each day    He is a quiet boy, considering his breed. Prince loves to snuggle under the covers.  Prince will do best in a home that is calm without children and without a lot of activity.
He is potty trained, and a very nice gentle boy!
He likes his walks and is learning to walk more and more each day….prince1
He does well with the other dogs, and also likes to wander around and explore on his own.
He will bond to his person/persons and loves sit with you and read or watch TV!
He is fine with freedom to roam the house and of course wants to snuggle on the bed at night!!!
If you are a patient person who can love this special guy, he would love to meet you!!!  Adoption fee $300




Willow is a SPECIAL seven year-old Pomeranian who came to rescue after her family lost their home.  Because of Willow’s being treated roughly in her past, she was terrified at first, but eventually, she has become affectionate and playful. Sometimes you can still see the old trauma, though. She freezes when you pick her up like she’s terrified.. Because of her fear and anxiety she is very skittish and nervous, so a quiet adult home would work best for Willow.
Willow has improved a lot in her foster home. She taps her foster mom gently with her paw when she wants to be pet and likes to curl up on her foster mom’s lap. She’s learning to play and how to walk on a leash (using a harness because she is sensitive about her neck) without being frightened. Once she establishes trust, she is quite lovely and very sweet, but that will take time.  Outside, Willow loves to run in the yard. Loud noises, trucks, or cars make her nervous so she will bark to try and scare them away!  She is also very quick and could slip away from someone who isn’t watching the doors carefully, so a single-family home with a securely fenced yard would be good for her.
Willow lived with other dogs in her previous home and lives with dogs and a cat in her foster home.   She would be fine as an only dog or with well-socialized dogs and is fine with cats
Willow will need a home with a person to help build her confidence in a kind and gentle manner.  She will need positive training methods so as not to break her gentle spirit
Willow is a work in progress, but she’s also got so much potential to be a loving, sweet dog.
CONTACT:  CHERYL  651-592-1264

Xena1  Princess Xena

It has been a journey for Xena to reach her Princess Status!
She had a rough beginning but as true royalty, she beat all the odds and came out as a sweet, loving and happy girl!
Xena is a 2 year old Pibble/Bulldog/Boxer mix.   She was rescued by a Good Samaritan from a neglectful situation, was vetted, rehabbed  and is now safe in a foster home.
Xena is now learning the “good life” and is finally able to feel safe and comfortable.  Her foster mom says she has adjusted quickly, is a happy girl, loves walks, her toys and most of all snuggles. She would love to sleep in bed with you as she is a super sweet snuggle bug!
Her very favorite thing in the world is WATCHING TV!   YES!!!!! She loves to watch TV!!!
She is good with older respectful kids, takes a little while to warm up to new people but once she does she loves everyone.  She isn’t crazy about squirrels or cats.  She does well when meeting other dogs on her walks, but is still a little unsure about those bicycles!  She is fine being crated but her foster mom keeps her in the bedroom for the workday and Xena is well behaved and happy to sleep the day away!Xena2
She does great in the car and is always up for a ride!
Xena wants to know if you are up for fun and cuddling and watching TV?  She can’t wait to have a forever home and start a great new life of love!!!!
Her adoption fee is $300 and she is spayed and up to date on all vaccinations.
CONTACT:  Sue – or
Jan –



Louie2My name is Louie and I am an adorable, spunky, happy and well-behaved toy poodle.  I am about 9 years old.  They say technically I am a senior now, but I don’t listen to that!  I feel and act like a teenager!  And I heard them say I am super smart!!
I am very healthy, all vetted, just had all my teeth cleaned and feel like a young dude!
I am living with 3 other furry fosters and although they are all cool, I really love my foster mom most!  People are just more my deal.   I also lived with a cat and he was my buddy.   My previous family couldn’t keep me anymore and so I am looking for another lap to lay on and someone’s tv to watch!  I love to snuggle and watch TV, but I also love to be outside.  Walks are great and when the other dogs go out, I have to go too…every time!!   Louie2
I also LOVE kids… It’s my favorite thing when I can snuggle in the bed with them!!!   Guess it’s cuz I am a kid at heart.
I sleep in my kennel when my mom is at work.  I love to eat too.  I follow my mom to the kitchen and wait for the food to come out.  Then I dance on my hind legs… she seems to think I am very talented.. I say I am just HAPPY!
If you have place for a fun spirited guy in your life, I would love to be your buddy. I will definitely keep you company, keep you entertained and be your TV snuggle bug!  Adoption fee $300.


Wyatt is a compact 6-month-old terrier mix who is bright and loves to learn. A bundle of fun, he is always up for an adventure. Exploring, fetching, playing in water, and learning to ride in a boat are some of his favorites. Wyatt knows basic behaviors, like “come” and “sit,” and rides well in a car. Although he likes to be pet or to lean up against his person, he is independent and comfortable entertaining himself! In fact, he sometimes chooses to go to his crate to chill out with a chew toy between activities.
Wyatt is a social butterfly, especially with other dogs. Because he is inquisitive, he may chase squirrels and bunnies, and while he hasn’t harmed the cats or smaller dogs in his foster home, he sometimes wants to play more roughly than they do. Wyatt would do best with a larger, playful dog that will let him know if he gets too intense. He does do some resource guarding, and we are working on his puppy chewing and mouthiness.wyatt-a
Because of his mouthiness and frisky nature, Wyatt will do best in an adult home or a home with respectful, dog-savvy teenagers. His ideal home will use positive training techniques to help him continue to become a well-socialized adult and will follow through with training. He will do great with a family that likes outdoor activities and/or running and would be a great companion in an active home.
With Wyatt’s treat motivation and desire to learn, he shows so much potential to be an exceptional dog. If you’re the type of person who wants a partner for your active lifestyle and want to train with your dog, Wyatt could be a wonderful addition to your home. Adoption fee $350



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