Adopt Me! Dog Rescue is a volunteer run organization and operates completely on donations from the generous public.

Adopt Me! Dog Rescue is a Minnesota Non-Profit Corporation. Tax exempt status has been applied for from the IRS. We receive no government support or funding.

Monetary Donations
Adopt Me! Dog Rescue accepts donations through PayPal. This is a simple and easy way to help support our rescue efforts. You may also mail a check to our P.O Box. All donations are tax-deductible.

Mailing Address:
Adopt Me! Dog Rescue
P.O. Box 1750
Minnetonka, MN 55345

Wish List
Adopt Me! Dog Rescue is always in need of new or gently used supplies. Here is a list of items we are most frequently in need of.

Stella and Chewy’s Red Meat Kibble – Grain Free «» Nutri-Source Seafood Kibble – Grain Free «» Charlie Bear Treats «» Omega 3 Oil Supplemets – Snip Tip «» Potty Pads «» Nature’s Miracle Urine Cleaner «» Elk Antler Chew Bones «» KONG Balls – Any Size «» Dog Toys & Bones (like these)




All dogs in our program reside in foster homes until they are adopted. We believe that dogs living in a peaceful, family environment where their unique behaviors and personalities can be noticed, monitored, and supported is the healthiest choice.

We are always looking for foster homes. By opening up your heart and home to a homeless canine, you are giving that dog a second chance at a wonderful life. The more foster homes we have, the more dogs we can save.

Foster Application

Foster Facts

What are the basic responsibilities of a foster home? A foster family provides a safe, secure, indoor environment for the dog while they are waiting to be adopted. Foster families are responsible for daily feeding, exercising and affection. Foster families also work on beginning housebreaking, crate training, basic manners and socialization with the dog in their care.

What supplies does Adopt Me! Dog Rescue provide foster homes with? Foster homes are provided with a crate, blanket, collar, leash, food, treats and toys.

How long will the animal be with me? The time a dog spends in rescue varies from a few days to several months.

What if I want to go on vacation while I’m fostering? We request that foster homes give us 2-3 week notice before leaving so we can make arrangements for a temporary foster home.

Will I have to work on obedience training with my foster dog? Well behaved dogs get adopted much quicker then dogs with behavioral issues such as jumping on people and pulling on the leash. If a foster family spends a little time each day working on any issues their foster dog may have, prospective families will be much more likely to adopt them.

Can I foster if I work during the week? Yes. Most of our foster families have full or part time jobs.

Do I have to crate my foster dog when I am not home? We strongly recommend foster families crate the dog when they leave the house. This helps prevent the dog from getting into trouble or chewing anything undesirable.

Can I foster if I have children? Yes. Adopt Me! Dog Rescue will help match you with a foster dog that does well with children. And please note that you will want to supervise any interactions between the children and foster dog.

Can I foster if I have other animals? Yes, as long as your animals are current on all their vaccinations and are friendly and social with other animals. We will match you with a foster dog who gets along with other animals.

Will I have to pay for veterinary care for my foster dog? Adopt Me! Dog Rescue pays the medical bills for all the dogs in our care. However, you must get prior approval from the director of Adopt Me! Dog Rescue before bringing your foster dog to the vet. Otherwise, you are responsible for the cost.

Can I foster if I live in an apartment? Yes. You must provide Adopt Me! Dog Rescue with written consent from your landlord allowing you to foster a dog. You must also make us aware of any breed bans or weight restrictions stated in your contract.

Are all the dogs house trained? No, in fact most dogs are not house trained. Many of the dogs we take in have never lived in a house before. Part of a foster family’s job is teaching the foster dog how to live in a home as part of a family, including working on house training.



We understand that not everyone is in a position to adopt a rescue dog; that is why sponsoring that special dog who has touched your heart is a wonderful alternative to adoption. The bond formed through sponsorship is one that keeps you connected to the progress of your special friend and gives you the opportunity to stay up to date on their progress in foster care and eventual adoption into a loving family.

Your sponsorship of one of these dogs helps provide for the work of Adopt Me! Dog Rescue. You can sponsor as many dogs as you like; or sponsor one as a gift or a tribute in honor or memory of a loved one!

When you sponsor a dog we will email you the sponsored dogs’ downloadable photo and story; and a personal message from Adopt Me! Dog Rescue director expressing our great appreciation for your support.

Sponsor a dog today!

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