A Christmas Gift

Jordan and his wife love dogs and wanted to help a rescue dog. As a surprise Christmas gift for his wife, Jordan made a donation to Adopt Me! in her honor . He had this picture taken with our little Wrigley and on Christmas morning his wife will open the picture showing her wish come true …….TO HELP A DOG IN NEED!

How sweet is this husband!!!

Merry Christmas Jordan and Megan!

With much Gratitude and many Blessings!

Sue and all of the Adopt Me! Dogs




Our household was blessed to count Gypsy among its members two days before Christmas 2013  What an excellent Christmas present she has proved to be!!
After 18 months of time spent with the folks from Adopt Me! and Auntie Ruth’s, she has her forever home and undying love with and from us.
She has really been a peach, and is in the process of becoming a wonderful little sister to her new big brothers Raz and Styrka.  Always curious about anything that she finds, she has sniffed every square inch of the house.  If anything changes watch out… she’ll be back to make sure it’s still ok!!
Laying in her own personal sunbeam is Gypsy’s absolute favorite activity on a sunny day, and we always make sure that she has that chance!  A close second is getting back scratches and tummy rubs from Dad!  🙂
Due to her elongated stay in shelter, we have been advised to take full integration slowly, but that’s ok,  her brothers hang out patiently upstairs while she gets the royal treatment, and when everyone gets together, everybody gets lots of treats (that’s the favorite time!)
She says that she can’t wait until spring so that she can roll in the grass and chase the ball with Styrka and Raz, and of course, smell all the new flowers in the garden that she isn’t quite sure is really out there.  Come to think of it, we’re not all that sure where it is either!
The whole family wants to be sure to thank Auntie Ruth’s and everyone at Adopt Me! for taking such good care of her until the time was right for her to join us!  She’s a GREAT addition!
Terry, Ray, Raz, Styrka and Gypsy





Gypsy performing her “Nativity Scene” on Christmas Eve






“I’m ready for my close-up”






Nothing like a warm sunbeam on a cold winter day!



We adopted Teddy October 17, 2011.  We are SOOO HAPPY we did!  He was a stray found in Pine City, Minnesota.  When we adopted him we were told he was approx. 1 year old.  So, we gave him the Birthday 10/10/10.  He is a mutt, possibly a Shitzu, Bichon mix.  He was house broken when we got him.  Definitely an added bonus!  Our main reason for getting him was to give our son Matt a buddy.  Matt is 14 years old and his older brother and sister are away at college.  Teddy LOVES Matt!!!!  He is Matt’s shadow, wherever Matt goes Teddy follows.  Teddy even sleeps with him at night, on his bed.  Last week we started obedience classes with him at Cloud 9 in Hopkins.  Teddy loves to play, walk and ride in the car.  Adopting him has been a nice addition to our family.  The adoption process with Adopt Me! was a very good experience.  One reason we considered adopting was because we knew several friends and co-workers that had and also had good experiences.  They recommended starting at petfinder.com.


There are so many things I love about Conner, and one of them is he has the cutest brown eyes.  Every day I get home from school Conner is waiting for me.  He knows some commands like sit, stay, wait, lay down and we are working on heal and shake.  The reason we got Conner from a dog rescue was because we wanted to help a dog find a good home and a good loving family. – Brandon

We wanted a dog from a dog rescue because there are so many dogs in need of a good home and family.  I think we found the perfect dog for our family because he is always happy and listens well.  Conner is fun to take on walks and try to teach him to shake.  Conner is always with someone keeping them company and always willing to be petted.  I absolutely love having Conner because he is always waiting for me when I get off the bus and gives me something to do. – Luke


Ponder the Puppy


There once was a little puppy named Ponder, only, his name wasn’t Ponder yet. In fact he didn’t have a name at all.

He was born up north and left in a basement with his siblings. They didn’t have names because they didn’t have anyone
love or to care for them. They were abused, neglected, and scared.

Then, one cold and wintery day in December, just when those sad, scared, tiny pups thought no one would ever love them, they were saved by Adopt Me! Dog Rescue

The people from Adopt Me! Dog Rescue looked at those sad little lonely puppies and made them a promise.
They promised those puppies they would never feel unloved or neglected ever again, and that they would each
find a family of their own to love and take care of them.

So, Ponder waited patiently, along with his siblings, to find a home of his very own.

Only, his name wasn’t Ponder yet…

Meanwhile… Not too far away lived a little family. Their names were Brian, Sarah, and Luna.

The three of them were oh so happy together, and they loved each other very much.
So much so, they thought they ought to share some of that that love with another puppy.

And then, one day…

Who should they see staring back at them from the computer screen with those sad puppy dog eyes? Why it was none other than little Ponder.
Only his name wasn’t Ponder yet… Now it was Quigley!

And this is what they read:

Little QUIGLEY was rescued from up north along with his brother and sister. They were found in a basement with rubber bands around their muzzles to keep them quiet. They are all safe and healthy now and ready to find their forever homes. He is a mix of Terrier and Beagle/Bassett. Quigley is 13 weeks old and weighs about 8 pounds. (we anticipate he will be under 20 pounds when full grown) Quigley is playful and happy! Loves to romp and play with his siblings. He also likes the cat at his foster home! He loves to be outside and will run around with nose to the ground, happy to explore. He is great with other dogs and with kids. He just loves to be cuddled and will readily snuggle in for a snooze. Quigley is neutered and had his first set of puppy vaccinations and is microchipped.

So, that very weekend the little family drove out to meet the little puppy (whose name, if you recall, was Quigley,
but would soon become Ponder…)

They liked him very much, and he liked them too! The little family thought to themselves, “Could he be our puppy?”
And the little puppy thought to himself, “Could this be my family?”

They all decided YES!

So, the little puppy went to live with the little family.And he finally had a home of his own.

  He even had toys of his own…

And a bed of his own…

A name of his own…

And best of all – a sister of his own!

The little puppy named Ponder’s story isn’t over yet. In fact, it’s just begun!

He now lives in a house with a family that loves him very much. He goes to sleep each night, no longer feeling scared or alone, but feeling cared for and protected. Ponder and his family are so excited for their future together, a future made possible by Adopt Me! Dog Rescue.

This little family doesn’t like to think about what may have happened if that little puppy hadn’t been rescued. Instead, they are just thankful for all the memories they will get to share as their story continues!



We rescued Wilson a Goldendoodle! He is such an awesome dog. He came from a family that didn’t have the time or patients to care for a dog with such a big personality. This poor dog had a respiratory infection and an ear infection when we got him. He was also underweight. Of course we took him to the vet instantly and got him on meds to make him feel better. Wilson is such a loving dog. He sleeps on my bed at night and is the biggest cuddle bug 🙂 We love to take him on walks and take him to the pet store so he can pick out new toys. Wilson is a very loyal, loving dog and I wouldn’t trade him for anything! He has become such a part of our family. We are all so in love with him. I really can explain how lucky we are to have Wilson. Sue is awesome at what she does. She took the time to find the perfect family that Wilson would fit in to. She did a great job because I know Wilson is meant to be with us 🙂
I really believe that once rescue dogs are in a loving home that they belong in, they respect you and would do anything for you because you saved them.
Love, Brittany, Jon and Wilson



Abandoned boy finds happy home.
It was love at first sight.  At 8 years old he came to us as our foster dog needing a temporary home.  They told us his name was Luigi, but he was so insistent about needing some lap time that we re-named him Pesto.  He made himself at home with our other dogs so easily that we decided to make him a permanent member of the family.  Pesto has become a favorite playmate of the others even though they are nearly twice his size.  Although he’s a few years older than his new brothers, that only means he’s had the chance to mellow, yet that hasn’t slowed him down either.  Pesto is full of life and love.  From abandoned and rejected, he has become loved and adopted and he returns the love many times over.  Welcome home Pesto – we love you!

Terry & Sherry Besterfeldt


Hi. My name is Anya, but my parents call me Pipsqueak, or just Pip. I am a Viszla Staff and i was adopted by these nice people so I could have a nice home and get to play. They bought me this sweet collar and they like to dress me up. (It seems kind of weird to me.)
People warned them that Terrier Breeds are very active and they will keep you running constantly. Honestly, my favorite activity is sleeping. As you can see, i basically get to do whatever I want.
My dad and I like to sit by the fire and chill. Or, watch football in the basement.
This is one of the cool shirts they bought me and this is my favorite blanket.
My mom and I mostly like to watch British Detective shows on Netflix. I like Inspector Barnaby or Hotel Babylon. Hopefully all the rest of you Mutts will get adopted soon and you can get to wear sweaters and play around in the yard.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

“Anya just saw her letter online and was very excited.”


We adopted a 5 month old blue pit named Piper from Adopt Me! Dogs on Sept 24th. In the 2 weeks that we’ve had her, she’s been a wonderful, smart, funny, snuggly addition to our new home. We are so thrilled that we got her and are hoping to have her be an ambassador for pit reputations everywhere. Working with Sue was great too. We were provided information on the dog’s health, background, living conditions, and anything that was important to helping Piper’s transition be as smooth as possible for her and us. Adopt a dog… It will be 8 – 14 years of the best memories you ever have!


I received an email from Adopt Me Dog Rescue including a link with a dog being just 6 hours from euthanization in a pound in Wichita KS. His beautiful eyes just spoke to me so I said I would foster him. He went though enough turmoil for 10 dogs on his journey after leaving the pound. He was neutered, his heart-worm test came back positive so he was treated right away, his neuter incision broke open resulting with him needing emergency surgery, then he developed kennel cough while on the transport to MN. All this from the point of me saying I’d foster him until before he got to me!
This beautiful boy arrived with a cone, large stitched area, on 2 medications, and about 15 pounds under weight. My job was to keep him quiet for 3 weeks due to the heartworm treatment. What a task for a 10 month old dog!
The local vet who examined him believes someone was malicious to him because he has identical marks on both of his back legs that resemble being shackled. How anyone could have mistreated such a beautiful, sweet, well mannered dog is beyond my comprehension!
I think it must have been love at first sight for me. We kept hearing from the vets and transport people how he was such a sweet boy. They weren’t kidding! He is such a gentle giant and is so grateful to just be loved. My condition for adopting him was that he learns to live with my 3 cats that I adore and have had for a long time. We’ve come a long way with that process in our short time together and I have no doubt we will all live in harmony for years to come. He is all puppy and wants to frantically chase those little furry creatures to play, play, play! The cats don’t particularly care to play with such a big monster who could pin them down with 1 paw.
He is a very friendly dog, gentle with children, loves all human attention, plays very well with other dogs, a quick learner, easy to train, and just an all around perfect dog. He’s gained 8 plus pounds since I’ve had him and is filling out nicely. I gave him the name Raz which has sentimental meaning to me and I feel he fits it perfectly!
I was just “thinking” of the possibility of maybe getting a dog. Now…I know he’s my forever companion. I’ll be officially adopting him this week after having him for just 1 month. I am eternally grateful to Adopt Me Dog Rescue for all they did to bring this sweetie into my life. They continue to inquire on how we’re doing together and are always available when I have questions/concerns. They’re an amazing group of people whose love & concern for animals shows greatly.
Loretta & Raz

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