If you find yourself unable to care for your dog (illness, financial difficulties, divorce, loss of home, allergies, etc.), Adopt Me! Dog Rescue may be able to help. Before contacting Adopt Me! Dog Rescue we would encourage you to pursue any personal contacts that you have through family, friends and co-workers. Often letting someone know of an animal in need will bring forth an adoptive family. If you are not able to re-home your pet and would like assistance from Adopt Me! Dog Rescue the first step would be to fill out and submit our Surrender Application. If we have room in our program, we will contact you to discuss arrangements for surrender.

Surrender Form

If you adopted your dog from a shelter, rescue or purchased from a breeder you must contact them first. Most shelters, rescues and reputable breeders adopt out or sell animals with legally binding contracts requiring that you return a dog to them if you find yourself unable to care for them at anytime. Please review your original adoption/purchase paperwork before contacting Adopt Me! Dog Rescue.

Returning a Dog

If you find yourself unable to care for a dog adopted from Adopt Me! Dog Rescue, our legally binding contract requires that you contact us. Adopt Me! Dog Rescue is committed to every dog – for life.

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